Toscocornici Porte

Toscocornici Porte

Arturo Bove founded Toscocornici in the early 70's; in that period Val di Chiana region had a flourishing development of the woodworking industry and Toscocornici has been growing in that favourable position for more than 30 years. Stefano, Arturo's son, is actually managing the company with the same passion for wood as his father.

For this reason Toscocornici porte are now considered as unique and prestigious products.

The customer satisfaction, the control of the company position on the market, the most recent manufacturing techniques and the research of the market trends have always been the family targets.

Toscocornici developed thanks to the careful selection of qualified and professional staff giving our doors a day by day experience so that we can offer high quality products.

Our brand new production lines grant us the possibility to study the most appropriated solutions to satisfy any customers' request and our very active commercial management has found very good retailers all over Italy and finally the geographical position of the company and the proximity to one of the most important highway permit us to optimize the logistic and respect our lead time.

For the above mentioned reasons, we can easily say that our success is the fruit of a concrete, aimed and winning synergy In our doors you will find all our experience, our love for details, the careful selection of the raw materials and the respect for the actual safety law requirements which allow us to offer our customers all the best natural material.

The accurate working processes and quality controls are the fundaments of our warranted brand.

Toscocornici do not produce doors only as a technical and closing element but as a real furniture complement.

Nice, strong, lasting, we have studied our doors for classic or modern style.

We want to stimulate your imagination and give you the possibility to find any architectural solution.

Our collection offers a very wide range of wood essences and the careful working processes give you the feeling of elegance, harmony and personality of each door.

The colours, the elegant shapes and the refined design are adding prestige to the furnishings solutions.