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Smooth door with fugues that distinguish verticals and horizontals and two central glass.

  • Code: 300UV2
  • Essence: Oak
  • Wood finish: SBIANCATO ROV-012.2
  • Type: Smooth (see technical datasheets "type doors")
  • Frame: Coplanar (see technical datasheets "type frames" and general conditions)
  • Staff-bead: Std (see technical datasheets "Frames and staff-bead" and general conditions)
  • Wood accessories: Not present (see technical datasheets "Frames and staff-bead" and general conditions)
  • Metal accessories: Std crome (see general conditions)
  • Handle: Mandelli S91 (see general conditions)
  • Glass: White marble coupled MM.12/13 (see general conditions)
  • Version: 2. Flush door with invisible hinge (see technical datasheets "versions available")
  • Other: Kit modern line ( for coplanar, magnetic lock, invisible hinge)
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